My journey has been, and will be one filled with challenges because of one tragic moment in the middle of a busy day. My life, as well as, the lives of my family, and friends, has been changed forever. I will take this opportunity to use all that I’ve  learned to help those unfortunate people that find themselves in the same situation. I do not want to eliminate those riding motorcycles, I just want them to be safer and have someone to help that understands.

The mission of Bikers Down is two-fold.

1) Prevent accidents from happening by providing education to both motorcycle and car operators.
2) Provide financial assistance after an accident for all who are underinsured or completely uninsured.

Here are some parting thoughts we would like to share. First, it takes more energy to have a bad day than it does to have a good day! Therefore, if everyone can just smile more, they will not be so exhausted at the end of the day. Second of all, if there is a will, there is a way. You have to have the will to keep going. If you do, Bikers Down is going to help with the way!!!

If you have an interest in helping me move forward with these important goals, please let me know. Bikers Down is here to help – You are not alone!

Life After the Accident – A Mom’s Perspective

I see someone whose fire and passion for living is barely an ember.

I see someone who stood tall and strong, now weary and struggling.

I see someone with a kind heart trying desperately to remember that it is still good to be a benefactor when faced with financial devastation.

I see someone trying desperately to regain his life, while creating a new and improved model.

I see someone who lost his passion for riding the Harley. That was the love of his life, and ultimate stress release, and now it is quite possibly lost forever. As a mom, I don’t want to see him on that infernal machine ever again; but as a person witnessing another person’s pain, I wish him peace and the ability to ride once again if he so chooses.

I see someone that wants to find the woman that will be his life partner, but afraid that may never happen because he is not sure about himself and where he personally is headed right now. He fears he has not enough to offer. He questions what he has to bring to the table in a relationship now and that was never an issue before.

I see someone whose entire social structure has crumbled. Who Scott was before is no longer Scott today. He seems lost and unsure as to just where he may fit into the scheme of things now. He is also unsure of just what direction to move forward in. We all want to feel a sense of direction and belonging. Right now I see that as a major struggle for Scott.

Last, and certainly not the least…

I see a man struggling with his physical and emotional pain trying desperately to get back in the game of life. That man is my son and I can’t fix this. That makes me very sad and then extremely angry!

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